FLOYDADA: 2015 production


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Behind the Curtain: The Birth of Broadway RESCHEDULED: July 2, 2020. A virtual tour and performance to New York City’s earliest theaters. Presented by Untapped Cities.

Peculiar Works Project is the recipient of the 2018 Caffé Cino Fellowship Award from the New York Innovative Theatre Awards, which includes a grant from the Donn Russell Fund.


in small (and large) spaces

Our creations take audiences on performance adventures that give an artistic context to architecturally unique sites around NYC. Since 1993, we've been finding places that make our performances stand out and give our audiences a new awareness of locations. We've made intimate performances with big ideas, and brought theater, music, dance, video and spoken word directly into communities with large-scale site-specific, immersive and promenade events


...or site-responsive, or site-generic, or site-based, or...

We believe architecturally unique sites have a direct impact on our work, the work impacts the site, and our audiences can experience both in surprising new ways.

Our Mission

Peculiar Works Project was founded by Ralph Lewis, Catherine Porter and Barry Rowell to create original performances that are accessible and engaging for diverse audiences. Using various artistic disciplines in unique combinations, we challenge the conventions and clichés of alternative theater. From initial concept to full production, PWP encourages collaboration, experimentation and a rebel spirit in creative artists by providing the tools and opportunities to realize their artistic goals.

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